Guardiola and Mourinho: the masters of chaos and control – Squawka

Guardiola and Mourinho: the masters of chaos and control – Squawka.

Great read, really great read to follow up the piece about the continuing emergence of the complete player. Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho really are a class apart with their tactics.

Why De Gea must be mad to want Real Madrid move | FourFourTwo

Why De Gea must be mad to want Real Madrid move | FourFourTwo.

Some more good pieces on the David De Gea saga with different viewpoints. I think De Gea should stay at Manchester United too. Big club, returning to their chances for silvewware, have just as good chance as Real Madrid, as far as this season shows, and he is the No. 1. As the author said, a move to Madrid will meaning dealing with Casillas, even if De Gea will likely replace him, plus dealing with Atletico Madrid fans.

Sure, I’d agree he doesn’t owe them anything. He improved as a player there and his reason for staying wouldn’t be because of that but because it’s likely the best option for his career.

How modern football became the era of the complete player – Squawka

How modern football became the era of the complete player – Squawka.

Really great read here on the evolution of layers in football. We really are getting to the stage where players in every third are “complete” as they aren’t just assigned one task. Will be interesting to see how this continues. Look forward to the rest of the series.

Weekly Arsenal Chatter

Last game of the season in a few hours. Just want to point that if, for some unthinkable reason, we lose, then we could end up fourth if Manchester United beats Hull City. Just saying. We saw what West Bromwich Albion did to  Chelsea and we sort of don’t really have anything to play for either. Otherwise there’s plenty to talk about as usual.

So here’s some chatter before the final game of the season.

Ruthless Finisher Must Be at the Top of Arsenal’s Summer Shopping List

Agreed. I think it’s a bit harsh to single out the two Olivier Giroud non-scoring moments against Manchester United that the author did though. It was a tight angle for that first chance and the one where he out-muscled his defender his leg gave way, as the author himself stated, was tough as well as De Gea closed down the angle quickly. Not much that could be done about that. See, I’m not all anti-Giroud.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger Has a Choice to Make over Aaron Ramsey

I like Santi Cazorla but we need Aaron Ramsey back in the middle. A switch to 4-3-1-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 would allow Wenger to get all those players on the pitch and even give us a Giroud/Alexis partnership. All of our “wingers” can play centrally and probably prefer it. The most natural winger he have is Alexis but he can be equally effective centrally. Those aren’t thoughts Wenger is likely to have or a formation that’s likely to occur.

Can Arsene Wenger play Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere together?

I’ll admit I was worried during the Manchester United game when both those guys played centrally at the same time. I still don’t think they can do it right now. Maybe in time, and with experience, they could do it but neither has enough interest in defensive duties to let this partnership become the norm.

Arsene Wenger Is Wrong and Must Target Top-Tier Defenders This Summer

We do have depth now that is true. I’d agree that one top-level central defender would be a big help. Maybe a left-back as well could come in but I don’t see Wenger wanting to rock the apple cart too much. Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny are solid defenders but unless Arsenal’s entire structure as a team changes in the defensive third then those two aren’t good enough as a duo for a title-winning side.

Arsenal Again Demonstrate That Possession Is No Indicator of Success

Possession without clinical finishing that is.

Tired Arsenal need Theo Walcott’s freshness amid goal-scoring slump

Yup. Still don’t see the point in placing Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere out on the right. Theo Walcott hasn’t been given the chance to replicate his best pre-injury form for the Gunners. He showed that he could be a solid finisher for the club and there are few options in that regard. Let’s get him a start today.

Why Gabriel Paulista Will Be the Key Arsenal Defender in 2015/16

Guess we’ll see. Will it do us well to have two similar defenders in Gabriel Paulista and Laurent Koscielny though?

Arsenal must end Premier League season on a high as Wembley awaits

I was already worried about playing Aston Villa before this recent run of games. The results definitely haven’t helped. A big win against WBA would be nice and Wenger does have some selection decisions to make.

5 Star Players Arsenal Wish They Had Not Sold

Can’t argue with that list, could have increased it to 10 or 15 players to be honest.


Homegrown Asian stars are turning heads but how bright the lights of Europe? | FourFourTwo

Homegrown Asian stars are turning heads but how bright the lights of Europe? | FourFourTwo.

Good piece here.

The author makes a good point about Asian players still needing to prove themselves on the European stage. It will be interesting to see whether the examples he presents about players gaining some international interest before any move to Europe become the norm. Will it get to the stage where Asian players are being recognized and followed from an earlier age like South American ones?