Jorge Mendes: the most powerful man in football? | Football | The Guardian

Jorge Mendes: the most powerful man in football? | Football | The Guardian.

Another very interesting piece here with a focus on the transfer market, and in particular, renown agent, Jorge Mendes.

You’ve probably seen Mendes’ name, along with Mino Raiola on occasion, pop up a lot where some of the big transfers in World Football are concerned.

The article’s author, David Conn, provides a  look at just how powerful Mendes has become through his various dealings. The statistics are astounding, and the points about third-party ownership definitely provide food for thought.

FIFA intends to ban third-party ownership as it “threatens the integrity of the sport.” Hmm. I’ll leave that one alone.

This is all definitely worth a read though, and for more on the issue here’s an article from Owen Gibson focusing on third-party ownership. There’s also this piece about what UEFA intends to do.

Arsenal vs. Galatasaray review coming tomorrow.

Until next time.

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