Player Focus: Has Bojan Finally Found a Home from Home at Stoke?

Player Focus: Has Bojan Finally Found a Home from Home at Stoke?.

Only time will tell. To be fair, I’ve not seen much of Bojan at Stoke besides highlights but the suggestion from Jonathan Wilson here is that he’s finally starting to adjust to the Premier League.

The first news about that transfer definitely sounded like something you only see in FIFA or Football Manager but it’s the real deal, and will be interesting to watch. I still don’t get what happened with Bojan at Barcelona, as well as his wandering adventures in the Serie A(with Roma and Milan) and the Eredivisie(with Ajax).

His time at Ajax was particularly disappointing. If the reason is that Bojan is more of a system player, having been bred at Barcelona, then why didn’t he succeed at the one other team that plays in s similar fashion?

It will be strange if Stoke is the place where his potential is realized but it has to happen somewhere, and he really should be pressing on at 24. We’ll see what happens.

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