Arsenal 2 – 0 Borussia Dortmund: So, This is What a Professional Win Feels Like


I will seriously say that I did not expect that at all but I’m so glad it happened. We Arsenal fans are used to mainly heart in mouths, hands over eyes victories, and I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Let me get this straight though. It still doesn’t change anything, and there’s a long way to go from here. Of course my recent weeks of questioning Arsenal and Arsene Wenger would end up with this performance but I still feel Wenger’s time is up.

That being said, on to the action.

With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrating is 100th game, at 21, for the club things got off to a strange start.

Like, seriously. What the hell was that from Yaya Sanogo? Just as I begin to embrace your formerly well deserved nickname you bang one in against Borussia Dortmund of all teams. I think the Dortmund defenders were confused as to why the hell you were on the pitch in the first place, I know I was, so, you know, credit to Wenger for that brilliant decision.

After that it was a straightforward game for the Gunners, partly due to our dominance and partly because of Dortmund’s ineptitude. I mean, this looked a lot more like the Dortmund everyone’s seeing in the Bundesliga than the one that thrashed Arsenal in the first Champions League game. The German club also had little to worry about as they were already qualified and still more likely to get first place in the group.

Still, Arsenal did well to manage the game and keep out a Dortmund side that had the quality to hurt them at any moment, and came close on a few occasions.

That was a welcome sight given recent performances. Arsenal actually took care to keep a lead but still looked capable of damaging further up. Thankfully, Alexis Sanchez continued to be the best player in an Arsenal shirt with a fantastic goal to settle the tie during his customary energetic performance.

All of that meant that, for once, I was able to see out a game without being nervous, and could turn the majority of my concentration to guiding my FM Arsenal team to a Champions League final victory over Barcelona while the game played on.

Nothing’s ever 100 percent okay with the Gunners though, and both Sanogo and Mikel Arteta left the game with injuries to join DJ InjuredAbou in Arsenal’s infirmary. Add to that the case of Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell. I think they should both go in January, for their own sakes.

Podolski again got pipped to a starting spot by Sanogo and Campbell got another few minutes of nothing. We’ll see what happens come January.

The cheers at the end of the match were a welcome noise compared to the increasing boos but things could change again rather quickly. We’ve been in this position before already this season, and in seasons past. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger facing an increasing storm only to pull off a much-needed, stabilizing, win to calm things a little before the storm truly begins.

That storm could easily return against West Bromwich this weekend, especially with only two days of rest to work with.

Until next time.

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