English Premier League – Enjoy a superb season despite lack of a title fight – ESPN FC

English Premier League – Enjoy a superb season despite lack of a title fight – ESPN FC.

You know what? He’s right.

While the struggles of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are comical for some and frustrating for their respective fans, their results have created an ultra-competitive Premier League season where European spots are concerned. That’s down to each of those sides going through various transitions, and others are making the most of it.

I still think most would agree that Chelsea are the front-runners and title favorites, with Manchester City, if they are able to get their act together, the best bet for second. That leaves three European spots, really two, as nobody’s too bothered about the Europa League.

At this moment Southampton’s very much in the running with the usual ensemble of bigger teams, and their gate-crashing of the party essentially makes it eight teams fighting for the four Champions League spots, or six(Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton and Southampton) fighting for two. That’s if Southampton can keep it up. Their weekend fixture against Manchester City should be extremely fun.

It’s a long season and there’s definitely more surprises to come. We’ll see what happens.

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