Why the Treble is becoming commonplace – ESPN FC

Why the Treble is becoming commonplace – ESPN FC.

More money, more power is basically what that amounts to, as stated in the article.

It’s interesting that only three of the top five leagues, Gabriele Marcotti states four but I still put Ligue 1 in the mix as well, have had that treble.

I think it’s definitely easier for the Bundesliga(with Bayern) La Liga(with Barcelona and Real Madrid though Atletico Madrid came pretty damn close last year too) and Serie A(with Inter back then and Juventus now) to do a treble. Juventus still hasn’t found its feet in Europe since its resurgence though, so that may not occur anytime soon.

English football is so random, for lack of a better word, that it’s much harder there despite just a few teams winning the league itself during the Premier League era.  Chelsea and Arsenal have been the most dominant FA Cup teams since 2000 but Chelsea always fell short at one time or another in Europe until their eventual win, and we all know how wonderful Arsenal have been.

Paris Saint-Germain could be next in line to do a treble given their resources compared to the rest of France but, like Juventus, their European performances need to improve.

Guess we’ll wait and see who is next but as the article states it’s becoming more of a when not if a treble will happen.

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