Premier League – Despite fan commonalities football supporters seek the extremes – ESPN FC

Premier League – Despite fan commonalities football supporters seek the extremes – ESPN FC.

Interesting. This idea that we are judged more by who we cheer against than who we cheer for. I think things are different for those who aren’t born in the area or the country their team is stationed. Most of us at least.

Obviously I take delight in a Tottenham loss, Manchester United’s struggles or Chelsea’s unbeaten streak ending etc. but the level of animosity isn’t there. I only really mock friends or family member’s who support different clubs, and they can’t really get to me as I make enough fun of my own Gunners to take away that sting.

I still don’t get this “rivalry” between Arsenal and Stoke City. Pointless from either side. Did Stoke fans have such animosity towards Arsenal before the Aaron Ramsey incident? The author suggests that’s the case but I still don’t see why. Guess, I’ll have to look into that.

I can understand the issues Arsenal fans had after the incident, and I know I couldn’t think of Stoke as nothing but thugs for a little while after that. Don’t care anymore. For one, Ramsey’s back on the pitch and, as shown last season, still has his quality. Also, no offense to Stoke, they don’t compete with us on a global level in terms of recognition or on the pitch(minus last Saturday) in most cases so why waste time on them? Oh, well.


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