Breaking the law: introduce a sin-bin in football for not-so-nasty fouls | Jacob Steinberg | Football | The Guardian

Breaking the law: introduce a sin-bin in football for not-so-nasty fouls | Jacob Steinberg | Football | The Guardian.

Um. No. Just, no.

I have no problem with the intent and trying to help the referee have a little more freedom but it’s not worth it. By the way, that “sin-bin” thing is basically like the penalty box in hockey and the increased card system could be looked at as the foul system in basketball. Just saying.

Now, just so I don’t sound like a traditionalist with just a stubborn attitude towards changes(I was fine with the goal-line system and goal-line referees) here’s a thought on those ideas.

The referees have enough trouble, and get enough heat, when pulling out two rectangle-shaped pieces of color during a game. Why give them more chance to put pressure on themselves or dictate the outcome of the match? Streamline or clarify the rules instead, maybe?

There would be such uproar in every game if a player “sin-binned” or “white-carded.” Are we trying to reduce tackling altogether? Stopping a very dangerous counter-attack, meaning there’s a very good chance of scoring, with a cynical foul is a yellow card plain and simple. Especially so in man-down situations for the defenders. I’m sure some, more clever, players will find a way around it all but I feel it’s just adding another avenue for games to be affected by one man’s decision.

Imagine someone trying to “sin-bin” Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo or, just because the reaction will probably be something like this, Pepe?

And here’s an old piece arguing against those very ideas.

Why an orange card is the last thing football needs

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