Why Turin’s wannabe hometown hero was right to spurn north London for North America | FourFourTwo

Why Turin’s wannabe hometown hero was right to spurn north London for North America | FourFourTwo.

Not really sure what I took away from this.

Sure, Sebastian Giovinco struggled for form and playing time at Juventus but he did well elsewhere in the Serie A so I’m sure he could have found a home somewhere else in Italy. The argument about being the superstar doesn’t work either as I’m sure he would’ve been treated as such at most Europa League level clubs across the country, or Europe for that matter.

The only reason that seems to be given about why a move to North London wasn’t good was that he’s seen players like Erik Lamela and Fabio Borini struggle. Okay. Lamela’s first year was rough but he’s been a bit better this year though still dealing with injuries and inconsistency. He’s also only 22.

Giovinco, at 27, has more experience and if he had chosen the right club in the Premier League things could have been different for him. So it just seems like a cop-out to me. Not saying he’s too good for the MLS, nor am I too bothered about the money aspect, but that random jump from the Serie A, the champions no less, is pretty puzzling.

If he comes out and says he’s excited about the project and helping MLS grow then good for him. Not sure his move will spark many others but maybe. That’s why people are saying he’s just in it for the money. He could have done the same elsewhere in Europe to bring an ambitious club become Champions League regulars or something. Sort of like Arsenal.

Should be fascinating to watch him in the MLS though and Toronto FC look like very big favorites on paper with Giovinco, Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore(if he gets some form).



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