Memphis Depay Man United hype could be damaging – ESPN FC

Memphis Depay Man United hype could be damaging – ESPN FC.

Very interesting read.

Silly season will be in full swing shortly and we’ve already had a few fascinating rumours. Fans will undoubtedly raise their hopes about possible newcomers, especially those they don’t know. We kind of touched on this a way back with that piece from The Set Pieces about armchair scouts. Everybody has to know everything and if you don’t you’re behind the times or not a fan etc. Except, nowadays, knowing things comes down to watching a few Youtube clips and reading a few scout reports. As the author states, fans will expect the previously unknown player to perform magic because of a big fee etc. because they want something better than what they have, or feel the options they already do know aren’t good enough.

Transfer season should be fun.

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