5 Superstars Who Must Step Up in EPL Week 2 – RantSports

5 Superstars Who Must Step Up in EPL Week 2 – RantSports.

My piece for RantSports on Superstars who need to do better.
Mesut Ozil
Getty Images

Premier League action started last weekend and a few superstars didn’t perform as expected. Players like Mesut Ozil and Wayne Rooney failed to fully fire for their sides which led to some interesting results. With every game battle, these superstars are needed to make the difference. Here are five superstars who must step up for their sides in EPL Week 2.

5. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas
Getty Images

Cesc Fabregas still seemed to be shaking off some rust as he went into the first game of the season. Gone was the creative passing that his teammates, especially Diego Costa, needed to get chances. He also failed to help his side control the game and was hooked in the second half. A big test against Manchester City is up next, and he’ll have to do much better if his side is to pick up all three points.

4. Diego Costa

Diego Costa
Getty Images

Diego Costa may always try to battle and be a nuisance for defenders, but sometimes that can detract from why he’s on the pitch for Chelsea. Costa may have been a difference maker for Chelsea last season, but he’s a known entity now and needs to continue to score goals this season. He failed to have that impact against Swansea, and but his goals will certainly be needed against Manchester City.

3. Petr Cech

Petr Cech
Getty Images

Petr Cech’s official start to life at Arsenal was a nightmare. Hailed as the missing piece to the Gunners’ title bid, the Arsenal No. 33 was at fault for both goals. In a performance unlike his usual commanding self, Cech punched thin air to allow West Ham a free header from a set-piece and was wrong-footed by what should’ve been an easy save from a long-range shot. His defense didn’t help with the second goal, but you expect better from Cech.

2. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil
Getty Images

Mesut Ozil probably spent most of this week hearing about his lackluster performance against a 16-year-old in midfield. Ozil looked set to finally answer all his critics after a solid preseason but fell flat on his face. The German attacking midfielder failed to get into the game, and Arsenal’s attacking threat was limited as a result. He too will need to do much better against Crystal Palace.

1. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney
Getty Images

Criticism of Wayne Rooney may seem a bit harsh as one could argue that he didn’t get the service he required against Tottenham. Still, his job is to put the ball in the net and he failed to do that in the game. The own goal may have come while he was about to pull the trigger, but if luck had been on Kyle Walker’s side we’d be focused on his slow actions in the box as opposed to Walker’s luck. Ultimately, the Manchester United captain did little.

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