Weekly Arsenal Chatter

The season is now started and so begins the return of the wonderful weekly Arsenal chatter. Arsenal is arguably the most talked about club on the web so there’s no shortage of pieces here and there’s probably plenty more around the web. Here’s a look at some of the many articles involving the Gunners since that opening day defeat to West Ham.  A


Arsenal defeat to West Ham Wenger says players nervous – ESPN FC

Agreed. To say we were nervous before a home game against West Ham, after beating Chelsea, is ridiculous. Brings in to question the motivational skills of the manager and the mental strength of the players.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger facing central midfield issue – ESPN FC

Okay, so Ramsey stays on the sidelines for the time being, or plays on the right, and gets annoyed then what? Midfield selection versus Crystal Palace will be interesting.

Who Is Set to Be Arsenal’s Next Big Star? | Bleacher Report

Ask the question but only present one option because it’s the only option we really have. Cool.

Why an Arsenal Bid for Grzegorz Krychowiak Would Make Sense

Preaching to the choir as far as most Arsenal fans are concerned. Still, rumours are just rumours, especially as far as Arsenal are concerned. Sevilla won’t be letting Krychowiak go unless they have someone lined up so I guess we can hope to get lucky in that respect.

Kieran Gibbs vs. Nacho Monreal: Who Is Arsenal’s Best Left-Back Option?

We can agree that neither are in the top-tier of left-backs but Monreal is the better defensive option, and that’s what we need at present.

Why Arsenal Made the Right Move in Signing Calum Chambers

Again, preaching to the choir. It would definitely be foolish to give up on Chambers so quickly and he provides much-needed depth in central defense as well as extra cover at right back if necessary. Hopefully he performs well when given the chances this season. Probably shouldn’t start him against Swansea just to be safe though.

Arsenal can’t afford a slip vs. Crystal Palace given title aspirations

Yup, we can’t have anything less than three points even this early in the season. We did the double over Palace last season but it’s going to be tricky. We shall see.

Arsenal’s season-opening defeat is par for the Gunners’ up-and-down course

Summed up perfectly. Arsenal fans live in a state of constant torture regardless of however optimistic we may try to be at the beginning of each season. Every kick of the ball and every game is approached, or should be at least if you want to keep your sanity, with trepidation with this current Arsenal side. Oh, I miss the days of a swashbuckling Henry.

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