Does Pedro to Chelsea Signal Manchester United’s Diminishing Transfer Clout? | Bleacher Report

Does Pedro to Chelsea Signal Manchester United’s Diminishing Transfer Clout? | Bleacher Report.

So, upon reading the title my first thought that this was, again, much ado about nothing.

It is a very good piece with some great points. Still don’t fully agree though.

Yes, Manchester United have missed out on some big names in recent times. Yes, five of the newest arrivals in the last two summer, Blind, Romero, Valdes, Schweinsteiger and Memphis had previous experience with Van Gaal. The club still got Schneiderlin, Shaw(not a star but a prospect many sought), Darmian, Falcao(even if he flopped) Di Maria(he chose Manchester United above anybody else when he couldn’t go to PSG), Ander Herrera, and Marcos Rojo.

And you can’t pick on Moyes as he got Juan Mata, even if Chelsea were happy to sell.

Of the non-Van Gaal players, Falcao and Di Maria were superstars at the time of signing and Schneirderlin is a level or two below. The others are all pretty solid players.

The Pedro deal was a strange one, and I don’t believe the reports that United didn’t want an attacker, so in this case the call from Fabregas and the treatment of Valdes by Van Gaal may have played a bigger part than any lack of clout by United.

So, no I don’t think Manchester United has diminishing clout. At least not now. I think we’ll see that for sure when Van Gaal leaves and whoever else takes charge. That shouldn’t matter too much though.


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