Weekly Arsenal Chatter

It’s that time again. Weekly chatter for the Arsenal before a game. A big one it is too, with Liverpool, winning ugly and happy to do so to build confidence, coming to town. Let’s see what the Arsenal chatter is all about.

Hector Bellerin vs. Mathieu Debuchy: Who Is Arsenal’s Best Right-Back Option?

Neither really. Both have strengths where the other is weaker. You would probably give Bellerin the benefit as he’s younger, can get better and has the pace to make up for any issues. That’s the main reason he played against Palace as their threats from the wings are quick and tricky. Debuchy might have had trouble.

7 Most Frustrating Things About Being an Arsenal Fan Right Now

There is no point blaming Cech for the Palace goal. It’s doubtful that any keeper could’ve saved that. The most frustrating thing about being an Arsenal fan right now is that there still hasn’t been a giant leap of progress, as the games we’ve seen so far have shown.

Move for PSG Pair Would Fill Arsenal’s Remaining Transfer Requirements

Sure, they could, but they are highly unlikely to arrive.

Laurent Koscielny’s quirk causing concern for Arsenal


Mesut Ozil is underrated at Arsenal but that could change if he scores more

Sure, more goals from Ozil would be nice but even that might not change the perception of him. He’s just no that player though.

Theo Walcott left out in the cold again at Arsenal

Yes, Walcott didn’t start at Crystal Palace but Giroud made more sense tactically. Walcott will play centrally moving forward so it’s not a major issue he wasn’t selected to play on the right. He’ll get his chances and I’m more confident he’ll take them and keep Giroud benched.

Will Arsene Wenger regret placing faith in Coquelin and Arsenal’s spine?

Probably. It’s just what was feared when Coquelin helped the team improve performance-wise. Wenger would just stick with what he knew. Coquelin is a solid player, in a very specific role, but if he stays at that level and/or continues to be a target for the opposition then Arsenal will have problems.

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