Weekly Arsenal Chatter

And Newcastle tomorrow. So, Arsenal Weekly Chatter today. Much to talk about with the Liverpool game and the oh so fun Champions League draw. We got out of things better than we could have but second place isn’t assured either.(There’s no point in attempting to believe we can come first in that group) So right now we’re headed to another Round of 16 exit. I’ll just call that. Anyways, moving on to the weekly chatter.

Arsenal’s malaise under Wenger goes deeper than any transfer can fix

We’ve known that for some time. So let’s see what people are saying when the usual happens at the end of the season.

While effective, Francis Coquelin affects Arsenal’s attacking fluidity

Thank you Michael Cox. Arteta’s not the answer, though technically he is because he’s what we have available. We’ll still get overrun with him as the DM.

Arsenal lose centre-back pillars and rely on new tower of strength

Yes, well. There’s the possibility that Ospina or Sczcesny could have done the same. Though not a regular basis. And now everybody is back to praising Cech after blaming him for Crystal Palace as well as West Ham. Oh well.

Arsène Wenger reminded again he needs to strengthen Arsenal midfield


Arsenal’s scoring struggles must not be ignored, but how can they be fixed?

Where indeed. Still prefer Sanchez as a forward and a more fluid front four. Ramsey needs to go back to midfield, plain and simple.

Scout Report: Is Wenger getting desperate as Arsenal eye Aleksandr Kokorin?

Yeah, definitely random and not worth it. Just a rumour

2015/16 Is Shaping Up to Be Another Groundhog Day for Arsenal

Another good piece here. I just don’t see how there will be an extremely positive season for us with the team as it is. Can’t stop watching though.

Arsenal must beat minnows to ensure Champions League progression

Bayern Munich the Obvious Threat, but Arsenal Must Also Beware Supposed Minnows

Easier said than done. It should be straightforward beyond Bayern Munich but this is Arsenal we are talking about.

How do you solve a problem like Aaron Ramsey?

Bring him back to midfield and get a defensive midfielder, not Arteta, to work with him. Done

Arsenal’s stuttering start makes Newcastle clash a must-win

And regardless of what happens you know Arsenal being Arsenal will win it, to give hope and have the media etc talking about mental strength and finally learning their lessons. Only to fall again in the next few games. Worried about this game though.

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