Manchester City could struggle to fit Kevin De Bruyne, Nicolas Otamendi – ESPN FC

Man City could struggle to fit Kevin De Bruyne in – ESPN FC

I think Otamendi should be more worried than De Bruyne. De Bruyne adds, possibly, another goal threat and another playmaking threat to go along with Silva. He’ll have to prove himself because he’s almost back in the same position he was at in his Chelsea stint. He has the weight of some good play at Wolfsburg behind him but if he ends up making Man City one-dimensional again then he’ll have competition for a spot.

With De Bruyne, where does Manchester City’s attack rank amongst Europe’s elite? | Squawka News | Team Analysis

They aren’t that much different. You could say Sterling is a better version of Navas and De Bruyne a better version of Nasri. Yes, them being better helps but they are also younger and inexperienced. That may play a part in how things turn out in Europe. They have a tough group to contend with so we’ll see how they navigate that.

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