Weekly Arsenal Chatter

As always, after the International break there’s plenty of Arsenal chatter to sift through. All this occurred after the transfer window ended as well too so it will be interesting to see what’s said. Stoke City is up tomorrow then the Champions League begins during the week.

Benzema snubs Arsenal but Wenger must react and land a striker

Didn’t happen, was very unlikely to happen and now Welbeck’s injured for however long. Not that there’s evidence he would have improved our options anyways. Let’s sit back and watch the Arsenal at work with Giroud up top. I think Walcott deserves a few more chances. Sanchez at striker anyone? Should have happened last season.

Arsene Wenger bizarre not to add more at Arsenal than just Petr Cech

The less said the better. Thankfully, it’s all over now

Wenger must ignore Arsenal fans’ frustration and get his side working

Well, he has no choice but to work with what he has. Can he get more out of certain players? Guess we’ll see.

Welbeck injury highlights Arsenal’s and Wenger’s woes in the transfer market

Again, counting on Welbeck to make the difference is a bit much but at least he would have been a different option.

Theo Walcott on target for England but Arsenal star is no centre-forward

Only the next few months will decide that for me. Provided Wenger continues to use him in rotation with Olivier Giroud that is. I still don’t think he’s had enough regular and consistent time there so we’ll see.

Alexis Sanchez can answer Arsenal’s call for an established centre-forward

Alexis Sanchez could be the forward Arsenal have been searching for

Don’t think there’s anything to add here really.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s role at Arsenal a dilemma for Arsene Wenger

Actually the answer was pretty easy. If you really want to keep Coquelin and Cazorla then switch the Ox to the left and play Sanchez up top. Ox cutting in to shoot plus he’s decent with his left to cross etc. Sanchez already cuts in on the left more often than not so its not that big a change. Or, you could have just bought a defensive midfielder who could complement Ramsey and then put Cazorla on the left and Sanchez up top. There’s such a lack of options.

Arsenal need home comforts in Premier League starting with Stoke

Playing Stoke at home does come at the right time but I could see this being the game that they grab a point, or even more.

Grading Arsenal on Their 2015 Summer Transfer Window Dealings

Yeah. A (B) grade sounds about right. Only get Cech in and have weaknesses in the squad that still persist. Perfectly fine window.

Arsenal Are Still Premier League Title Contenders Even Without Signings

Almost couldn’t get myself past the title. Honestly some very good arguments from the author about our competitors and us. I agree spending doesn’t guarantee success but there’s even less guarantees with this Arsenal squad than one that would have had the necessary signings. Is Coquelin a title-winning defensive mid? No. Does giroud have enough confidence to score goals when it matters? No. Is our defense capable of thwarting the best of the best regularly? No. The authors suggestion that he would have liked Carlos Bacca contrasts his argument that Wenger was right not to go after anyone else except Benzema or Cavani as they are only ones that could significantly improve the side. Bacca is a good player but most would agree he’s not of the same standard as those two even if the doubts about Cavani are beginning to grow. Speaking Cavani.

1 Player Arsenal Will Regret Not Signing in 2015 Summer Transfer Window

Agreed. Knowing Benzema was a long shot from the start, we could have tried harder for Cavani.

Breaking Down How Arsenal Can Get the Best out of Midfield Star Aaron Ramsey

Play him in the middle.

How Olivier Giroud’s Dismal France Performance Could Impact Arsenal

Tactically, and for his fragile confidence to not take a bigger blow by being benched, choosing Giroud makes sense  start versus Stoke.

Arsenal’s Transfer Inactivity Could Prove Disastrous for Arsene Wenger

It could be disastrous for Arsenal but not Wenger. I don’t think he leaves the club until he wants to. Just don’t see the board etc making any hard decisions.

Realistic Expectations for Joel Campbell at Arsenal in 2015/16

Did you watch Campbell play at Villarreal? One goal, yes. But he played mostly right or left midfield and did a decent job for a well-organized side. For the few games I watched at least, he didn’t spend much time up front. I agree this is his last chance at Arsenal though as I was expecting him to move on. Hopefully he does well.

3 Arsenal Players Who Are Fighting for Their Futures in 2015/16

Agreed with all three.

Squad Depth: Was Wenger right not to add to Arsenal’s armoury?

A simple no would suffice. Yes there’s lots of bodies but that won’t make a difference unless Wenger changes another one of his bad habits and rotates a bit more.

Can Olivier Giroud kick-start Arsenal’s season against Stoke?

He is the most obvious and likely starter as a forward. It would be just like him and Arsenal to put in a great performance to stop all the chatter.

What’s the point of Arsenal? | FourFourTwo

Inquiring minds, and disenchanted fans, want to know.

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