Let’s See How Many Ways Arsenal Can Beat Barcelona Shall We?

Is everyone anticipating this tie?

Seems so considering all the “How to beat Barcelona” articles that have popped up recently. Part of me, a very small part, believes Arsenal will get pragmatic and somehow get to Barcelona with a fighting chance but it’s being scoffed at by a larger part of me that’s accepted the inevitable. Of course, as you can see below, all the talk is about how to stop Barcelona because we all know what to expect. But, we don’t.

This Barcelona side can win ugly as well, as they showed against Atletico Madrid last season, and they aren’t afraid of being direct if they don’t have the upper-hand, as that Dani Alves to Luis Suarez combo showed in El Clasico last season. Of course it’s highly unlikely that Arsenal will be too rough and tumble for Barca nor that they’ll dominate possession too much with only Mesut Ozil to really orchestrate things. Regardless, we should still see all the methods Arsenal can beat Barcelona, which amount to the same two over and over anyways, namely either defending deep or pressing high.

Alexis Sanchez could be key for Arsenal vs. his former club Barcelona

Arsenal have tough decisions in midfield, up front vs. potent Barcelona

Arsenal’s speed gives them a faint chance of a UCL upset vs. Barcelona

How Arsenal must play in order to beat Barcelona in the Champions League

Arsenal can’t beat Barcelona? Not so fast — here’s their blueprint to victory

Convinced? Yeah, me neither. I think the football gods may just be having a chuckle.

(Needless to say I will happily sing and dance and shout out that it was never in doubt should the Gunners come out on top).

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