FIFA presidential election will it change anything – ESPN FC

FIFA presidential election will it change anything – ESPN FC

There will probably be a few more FIFA-related pieces leading up to Friday but I’m just going to tie a big bow on it from Always Thinking Football with a few articles here. Of course we start with the article above which has some very insightful answers.

We have a look at how CAF(Africa) nations in may, or may not, be voting for number of candidates.

We can read just how important CONCACAF, despite consisting of a lot of extremely small countries, might be.

Those two confederations are among the more notorious because of Africa’s long-standing support for Blatter and CONCACAF’s major role in the recent scandals.

We also have a nice little breakdown of what each confederation may be looking for come voting time.

And we got some ideas for the soon-to-be new President.

The Guardian’s Marina Hyde also got some fun jabs in on the candidates. I found this passage particularly amusing. Hopefully you don’t need too much context to know what she’s referring to there.

Even now, football head honchos from around the globe are gathering in Zurich’s Baur Au Lac hotel. I take a minuscule crumb of comfort from imagining it cinematically, with our movie opening with a series of lingering shots of twitchy men sitting fully dressed on their beds at 5am. You know, just in case they get “the knock”.

Of course, the cynicism towards FIFA won’t go away anytime soon. And rightly so. Let’s see how this all turns out.

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