Gianni Infantino ushers FIFA into new, post-Blatter era – ESPN FC

Gianni Infantino ushers FIFA into new, post-Blatter era – ESPN FC

Had a busy, fun weekend off so lots of catching up to do. I’m sure we know by now Gianni Infantino is the new FIFA president. Yay. Maybe. We shall see how things turn out. Some pretty good articles below going through what we may expect, hope for etc. I’m not a fan of an expanded World Cup but if that turns out to be my only gripe while Infantino’s in charge then so be it. I can’t help but laugh, and simultaneously squirm, at that ringing endorsement from Herr Blatter in the “Said and Done”piece.

Everything you need to know about Gianni Infantino, the new Fifa president

Gianni Infantino’s victory offers Fifa a glimmer of hope amid the gloom

Why more women at Fifa is crucial to governing body’s reform

Gianni Infantino and Fifa must turn greed into need for game’s global good

Making Fifa Great Again: How Gianni Infantino’s ‘new dawn’ was delivered

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