Three points for a goal? League 1 America: the soccer revolution that never was | Football | The Guardian

Three points for a goal? League 1 America: the soccer revolution that never was | Football | The Guardian

So glad this didn’t happen. It’s highly likely a traditional league would have still sprung up but  it would have been crazy, like laughing-stock crazy, if this would have been a major contributor to sports in the US. Yes, I know I come off as a “football man” traditionalist etc. but this would’ve been the way off the sort of changes proposed now by fans who want the game streamlined for US viewers. As the article said at one point “there is a big enough real football fanbase in the US (a good number of whom are not originally from the US) for leagues to target. I think of this as more extreme version of what Slamball is to basketball. Soccer shouldn’t even be part of the name of this game.

And, lastly, football isn’t boring to watch. Avert your eyes for a minute to chat and you might miss nice plays or a goal but it has just as much to look for as this proposed game. Tactical changes in each game, change in formation etc,  assessing how one team is trying to attack and how the other is trying to defend, seeing a player change roles within the game, different styles of play, seeing how substitutes are used to change thing a game and the list can go on. It’s not just about goals and it is visually appealing. Just saying.

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