Chelsea Should Cash in on Eden Hazard If the Price Is Right | Bleacher Report

Chelsea Should Cash in on Eden Hazard If the Price Is Right | Bleacher Report

It’s a tough decision. Does one season, a very horrible one it must be said, warrant selling the player who drove you towards a title last season? Yes, Chelsea need to rebuild but Eden Hazard has yet to hit his prime and it would be better to keep him than Diego Costa. He, along with Willian and Oscar give Chelsea an attacking midfield trio that many would envy when they are fit and on form. It’s up to the new coach to use that trio, of course, but they would have to be among the first to start. It’s obvious now, more obvious than before at least, that Costa, despite his talent, does mroe harm than good.

The issue with selling Hazard, even if the price is right, is what to do next? What player within a similar level of talent will want to go to a club with no European competition at all next season? Okay, yes, it’s Chelsea but there’s no telling what will happen in their bid for a return to the Champions League in 2017/18. It will be interesting to see what happens. I think Hazard stays though.

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