Weekly Arsenal Chatter

Last game of a disappointing season and we’re bringing back the weekly chatter to reminisce on how shitty we were, fanciful transfer news and how shitty we were.

Arsène Wenger knows true value of reaching Champions League again

Yes, it means keeping a job for another year.

Arsenal’s Draw at Manchester City Shows Why They Simply Must Keep Alexis Sanchez

Don’t need the Manchester City draw to show that.

All you need to know about Arsenal’s transfer window plans

So, did the author have a cup of tea with Wenger and jot down all these plans on a notebook? All this amounts to is just rumours. The same old crap rumours we get every summer and winter with a few different faces in the mix. I don’t have a probably with coming up with theoretical solutions etc but to say this piece provides an inside track on Arsenal’s summer is kind of ridiculous. Alvaro Morata being pointed out as an option to upgrade the attack says it all. He’s a good player and might come into his own at Arsenal but his recent history doesn’t suggest he’ll do any better than Giroud.

Breaking Down Who Is to Blame for Arsenal’s Continued Premier League Failure

Players, manager, board. Did we miss anyone?

Arsenal, Arsene Wenger would be wise to listen to Alexis Sanchez’s concerns

Um, yes.

Arsenal tell Alexis Sanchez there’s no chance he’ll be sold as star forward stalls on £180,000 contract

Fun to see how this plays out if its true.

Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal, England career can be relaunched by Euro 2016

I don’t think he should go to the Euros even if he’s fit but, hey. It will just be showing favoritism to a player who, while clearly talented, hasn’t done much in his career to warrant it even if it’s mainly due to unfortunate injuries.

Arsenal need to reconsider Theo Walcott’s future with the club

And then give him a new contract.

Why the Time Has Come for Arsenal to Seek out Alternatives to Olivier Giroud

Really? Now is the time?

Five transfer targets to solve Arsenal’s attacking woes after Welbeck injury

The two players in France are probably the best and most realistic options and that might be a stretch.

Arsenal’s season of injury woes capped by Danny Welbeck news

Same old story with the injuries. Feel bad for Danny Welbeck though.

Why Arsene Wenger Contract Extension Would Be a Bad Move for Arsenal Right Now

It was bad the last time he got it. Can’t be any worse now. Well, it could be.

Arsenal failed Premier League title bid partially explained by expected goals

Basically, we were shitty in front of goal because, oh, I don’t know, we don’t have the quality players that we should have.


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