Weekly Arsenal Chatter

It’s probably going to be mostly transfer chatter as far as Arsenal is concerned for the rest of the summer. I’ve already pushed many thoughts of this season to the back of my mind. Here’s some thoughts for the end of the season.

St Totteringham’s Day Joy Can’t Mask Season of Missed Opportunity for Arsenal

Finishing above Tottenham is so undeserved .

Arsenal fail to win the league again but besting Tottenham is all that matters

And that’s why we have no really major trophies in the last 10 years.

Arsenal fans are inviting jokes of own failures by laughing at Tottenham


5 Things Learned from Arsenal’s 2015/16 Premier League Season

We’re shit. We’re shit. Mentally weak. Needed better strikers. Wenger needs to go. Oh, wait. We knew all of this before.

Arsenal’s presence at Euros dwindles because of injuries and poor form

Pretty much.

How Arsene Wenger could end Arsenal’s civil war in an instant

Makes sense. If he announced he was leaving at the end of the season I think everyone would come together as. If he’s staying for longer, well then it could probably get worse.

Why Alvaro Morata Is Not the Striker Arsenal Need in This Transfer Window

Based on his recent productivity. No.


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