Weekly Arsenal Chatter

The first Weekly chatter that looks more into the summer and onwards than the disappointing season that just ended. Well. Mostly. The amount of Granit Xhaka articles about shows just how happy fans are at a big signing. I feel like the rest of the summer we’ll see articles about this player and that but no other move will happen until Wenger signs a young striker and says he’ll solve our problems up front. We shall see.

Granit Xhaka a boost but Wenger must remain busy in transfer market

Do we think he will though?

Arsenal will miss Tomas Rosicky after a decade of loyal service to the club

I always liked Rosicky going back to his Borussia Dortmund days. Definitely wish he could have provided more on the pitch.

Why Arsenal Should Keep Hold of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain This Summer

You kept a hold of Theo Walcott for 10 years so you may as well do the same with the Ox.

6 changes Wenger has to make (if he stays at Arsenal)

First things first. He’s staying. There’s an infinite contract sitting somewhere on Stan Kroenke’s desk they just haven’t figured out how to tell the whole world yet. Of the changes, three have already been mentioned multiple times. Injuries, buying well in the transfer market and defining the team’s style. The other three are unlikely to happen or don’t really help the club in the hear and now. Arsenal can’t regain its edge with Wenger in charge because he’s lost the ability to motivate and the team isn’t full of strong personalities. Youth is still a big part of the club and I would be surprised if Jeff Renee-Adeilade plays some as well as those mentioned. Lastly, the British project is off track for a reason. The players haven’t fully convinced or have injury issues or both. It’s up to them to fix that.

Breaking Down What Granit Xhaka Will Bring to Arsenal

Useful bit of info for the uninitiated I guess.

Granit Xhaka will give Arsenal a selection headache in central midfield

Nope. None at all. I’d like Xhaka and Ramsey to start. Ramsey can get back to his preferred position and bring some much-needed goals from midfield especially if we stick with Giroud. Elneny and Coquelin backups with Cazorla there as well. Wilshere mainly backs up Ozil and then the wings might need a new player or two assuming two or more of Walcott, Ox, Joel Campbell, and possibly Gnabry, leave.

Granit Xhaka: a born leader who will finally bring some grit to Arsenal

Okay. Okay. We get it. He’s good.

Scouting Report on Arsenal Transfer Target Kalidou Koulibaly

Here”s our first get your hopes up target. Except because he’s not a big name not many fans will know about him.


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