Copa America Centenario Top 25 Players as ranked by ESPN FC – ESPN FC

Copa America Centenario Top 25 Players as ranked by ESPN FC – ESPN FC

The Copa America Centenario starts tomorrow, June 3rd, and as we can see there’s plenty to talk about. We’ll do another similar big post before the Euros begin on June 10th even though there’s plenty of stuff already out there.

We’ll just touch on the articles below but they’re all worth a read. The fact that this is a centennial celebration tournament that occurs a year after the “real thing” does seem to take some glamour away from it but it’s still big.

I doubt Klinsmann will do much experimenting in this tournament, beyond trying the players he feel can make a difference if needed such as Nagbe and Pulisic. The US need a good performance in this tournament. It’s crazy to think that Rodriguez would need this tournament to alter what’s been a really bad season but that’s where he is. It’s also strange that this really could be Messi’s best shot at an international trophy. (I’m assuming Chile will still be the Confederations Cup representative regardless of who wins because they won the “real thing”.) We can hold out hope for 2018 but it’s tough to see Argentina repeating their 2014 feat in Russia. Brazil are trying to be low-key about things but this is big for Dunga. He may not be in the seat for the Olympics of Brazil fall flat. I wouldn’t mind that to be honest.

Looking forward to a great tournament.

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