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Why Borussia Dortmund will pose a much greater challenge to Bayern Munich next season | The Boot Room

Why Borussia Dortmund will pose a much greater challenge to Bayern Munich next season | The Boot Room

Another piece for the Boot Room on Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund’s kids have done some growing up this season.

Thomas Tuchel’s side survived a season of ups and downs to finish third in the Bundesliga and booked a place in the German Cup final. Dortmund is on the verge of its first end-of-season hardware since the heady days of the Jurgen Klopp era.

Injuries to key players, poor form at times, a horrendous bus attack have all done their best to make this season a disappointing one. Tuchel’s side has faced its challenges head on and that has to be a positive considering the transition the side endured before the season began. If Dortmund go on to win the cup and get a taste of that winning feeling, one that a few members of the squad already have, then there will be more to come.

The likes of Christian Pulisic, Ousmane Dembele and Julian Weigl still have more to learn but adding a trophy-winning experience to the talent they’ve shown, along with a solid crop of veterans, and expect Bayern will be challenged much more intensely next season. The only negative would the be the likely departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but the funds received from his departure should strengthen the squad further.

Bayern will also be going through their own transition with the departures of Philip Lahm and Xabi Alonso. Younger players like Joshua Kimmich, Renato Sanches and Kingsley Coman have seemingly stalled this season and it will be interesting to see how Carlo Ancelotti reinvents his squad.

The lightning that struck in the form of Red Bull Leipzig this season is unlikely to happen again in the form of another promoted squad while fellow giants Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen will be focused on bouncing back from their own disappointing seasons.

Simply put, Dortmund are the best bet to challenge Bayern and could be in an even better position at the beginning of next season.

One major reason for that is the team’s performance against Bayern in the semi-finals of the German Cup. Tuchel’s side performed impressively in a come from behind victory, in Munich, to book a spot in the German Cup final.

This occurred almost three weeks after a humbling 4-1 loss in the league at the hands of Bayern and the young side stood firm against another possible onslaught.

The job isn’t finished yet, though. Facing Eintracht Frankfurt as the favourites is another mental obstacle to overcome which will hopefully jump-start another period of success. If that occurs, the win against Bayern will have played a major role.

Let’s not forget that this is a side that also had every chance of progressing to the semi-finals of the Champions League this season. Monaco ran out deserved winners but one cannot overlook the impact of the horrendous attack on Dortmund’s team bus hours before the first leg of their quarterfinal tie was initially set to kick off.

The 3-2 loss at home effectively ended the tie but the young side performed bravely and had a decent go in France as well. Tuchel stated, per the club’s official website, that event brought the squad closer together and it was clear in their resilience against Bayern and the previous comeback victory against Borussia Mochengladbach.

Things haven’t been all rosy though as, along with the possible departure of Aubameyang, Dortmund is always at risk of losing key players. This summer does look like the first time in a while that won’t be the case but Dortmund will need to be cautious.

Strong recruitment, even with departures, will certainly help the perception that Dortmund aren’t a selling club. That’s where winning a cup will help. There’s also the possibility of Tuchel leaving, as Blid reports the talented manager isn’t on the best of terms with his bosses and Arsenal are interested in his services.

It has still been a mainly positive season for Dortmund after factors have been considered. Tuchel will likely stay on, for at least another season, given the progress that has been made. Convincing Aubameyang to stay would be huge, but the club can bounce back if he leaves.

Bayern’s struggles this season mean they will be looking to regain their dominance but Dortmund will have no reason to fear them next season. A German Cup victory will prompt further belief from this young squad and should set up an exciting 2017/18 Bundesliga season.

Can Borussia Dortmund really challenge Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title? | The Boot Room

Can Borussia Dortmund really challenge Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title? | The Boot Room

My piece for the Boot Room on Borussia Dortmund’s chances of challenging Bayern this season

Borussia Dortmund’s start to the 2016/17 season has been disappointing.

In a season in which Bayern Munich, regardless of their quality, are going through transition, the expectation was that Dortmund would provide a strong challenge for the Bavarian side.

Dortmund’s 5-2 win over Hamburg was their first Bundesliga win since September and Thomas Tuchel’s side enters the last international break of the year in fifth place. A record of five wins, three draws and two losses isn’t horrible, but slightly surprising.

One of those losses came at the hands of the Bundesliga’s surprise team so far this season, the newly promoted Red Bull Leizpig. Red Bull are currently Bayern’s sternest challengers, and are level on points with the champions, but have yet to face the juggernaut. The other teams above Dortmund include TSG Hoffenheim, who drew with Bayern at the weekend, and Hertha Berlin.

History suggests the cream usually rises to the top and these teams will eventually fall off but Red Bull in particular seem capable of pulling a Leicester, as it were. Dortmund, meanwhile, have their own issues to sort out.

The laundry list of outgoing and incoming changes at Signal Iduna Park makes the slow start somewhat understandable. Dortmund finished 10 points off the pace last season in second place but three key faces left during the summer. Any team would have found it difficult to replace the varied talents and experience of Mats Hummels, Ilkay Gundogan and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Dortmund’s approach saw the club bring in players who have failed to live up to their full potential, like Mario Gotze and Marc Bartra, and wonder-kids like Ousmane Dembele. The effect has been mixed.

The stand-out performer so far from the new signings is Raphael Guerreiro, the Portuguese left back who has been extremely impressive in a midfield role. Both Dembele and fellow wonder-kid, Emre Mor, have shown flashes of their potential while Bartra put in some decent performances early on. Gotze and Andre Schurrle haven’t been hugely disappointing so far but more is expected from two well-established senior internationals. Marco Reus’ constant injury issues are further cause for frustration and one can envisage a much stronger side when all the senior players are fit and firing. In total, seven new players have been brought that have played a decent role so far.

Tuchel has tried to rotate things to keep players happy and that has played a part in the early form. Those decisions will help keep legs fresh towards the end of the season, but also means players like Shinji Kagawa have yet to find their best form. Consistency across the board has been a key issue for Dortmund so far this season.

There have been good signs from some players though, with Christian Pulisic continuing to progress well and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang retaining his prolific form. Aubameyang’s goals are the cherry on top of a league-leading 25 goals, to go along with 11 in the Champions League.

That attack hasn’t suffered too much after the departures but there is work needed in the defense.  The 12 goals conceded in the Bundesliga is the worst among those currently in the top seven although it is keeping in line with the 34 goals conceded in 34 games last season. More time to adapt to Hummels’ departure and the new talents to adjust defensively should fix that issue.

The January transfer will be key for Dortmund, as Tuchel will need to streamline the squad without ridding it of too much depth or quality. A place in the knockout rounds of the Champions League has already been secured and a decent run will be expected in the German Cup. Bayern will also be fighting on three fronts and their focus on the Champions League might leave them vulnerable domestically.

Carlo Ancelotti’s side has only shown glimpses of the imperious form that was on display under Pep Guardiola. The Italian’s track record in league campaigns isn’t the greatest and that has shown in Bayern’s rocky start. The league leaders will visit Dortmund when league play resumes and that game will show how much work needs to be done. It is only 10 games into the season, 11 after the derby is complete, but if Bayern find a groove it will be hard to catch up.

There is a long road ahead and certainly no need for Dortmund to panic. This is a youthful squad shorn of a few leaders, both through transfer and injuries, so some growing pains can be expected. Dortmund has the talent to surpass those ahead of them not named Bayern Munich. If the likes of Gotze, Schurrle and Reus provide the quality they are capable of then the end of the Bundesliga season will be a lot closer than previous seasons. A win against Bayern in their first meeting would be a good way to start. Dortmund bought for the future over the summer but they can get something out of the present as well.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan future key to Borussia Dortmund’s transfer summer – ESPN FC

Henrikh Mkhitaryan future key to Borussia Dortmund’s transfer summer – ESPN FC

For the third time this summer? Why leave Dortmund? I just don’t get it. I think Mkhitaryan will end up staying, especially with Gundogan gone, but I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if one more big star leaves. Maybe Monchi should go to Dortmund.

Why Do Borussia Dortmund Have Trouble Holding Onto Key Players? | The Boot Room

Why Do Borussia Dortmund Have Trouble Holding Onto Key Players? | The Boot Room

My piece on Dortmund Continually Losing Their Best Players

Borussia Dortmund’s resurgence this season has been a positive for German football. It’s not all good news for the Ruhr valley club though.

Bayern Munich still clinched a fourth consecutive title with one game to play but were kept on their toes by Dortmund. As was the case after Dortmund’s back-to-back Bundesliga titles in 2010/11 and 2011/12, Bayern has responded to the challenge by looking to weaken their title rivals.

The Guardian reported at the end of April that club captain, Mats Hummels, was interested in joining Bayern. The elegant central defender would be returning to his hometown and his previous club. Those are certainly logical reasons to want to leave Dortmund, in addition to Bayern’s status as perennial Champions League contenders. Hummels would become the next star to follow the not so recent trend of leaving the Ruhr for supposedly greener pastures if he joins the club. His former teammates, Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski, played a major role in Dortmund’s previous successes then left the club weakened upon joining Bayern.

The theme has continued with other stars such as Ilkay Gundogan, Marco Reus, Pierre Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan being linked to clubs across Europe, and Bayern, at various times in recent seasons. While none have shown similar intent as Hummels, the nature of today’s transfer market means anything is possible. According to the Daily Mail, Gundogan’s recent injury has put a potential move to Manchester City on hold.

All that transfer talk leads to one question. Why does Borussia Dortmund continue to lose players? Or even more ominously, why do players consider leaving Dortmund?

Bayern’s rule in the Bundesliga has long been documented but Dortmund has been the one club to really challenge that dominance in recent seasons. Jurgen Klopp’s arrival in 2008 saw the club ascend to the status of challengers, then winners and even Champions League finalists. The disappointing 2014/15 campaign aside, Dortmund is the club that the current iteration of Bayern fears the most domestically. A stumble in this season’s Europa League campaign, at the hands of a Klopp-led Liverpool side no less, was another disappointment but the chance for silverware remains with the German Cup final against Bayern.

Dortmund has always been a side with talented players. The likes of Jan Koller, Tomas Rosicky, Lars Ricken, Andreas Moller, Jens Lehmann, Dede, Christoph Metzelder and numerous others worn the yellow and black. There is a history of winning too, with a Champions League title in 1996/97 and eight Bundesliga titles overall. A side with this history is not a stop-gap for players seeking big moves.

Thomas Tuchel has built a flexible, cohesive side with a mixture of youth and experience that can challenge regularly if given the chance. The increased financial lure of the Premier League poses one problem. The call of Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid present another. One can’t put all the blame on the players though.

Lewandowski was somehow allowed to join Bayern without a transfer fee, and it took two seasons for Dortmund to replace him. Gotze was closer to the end of his contract than was beneficial and may have warranted a bigger transfer fee had his release clause been adjusted or removed altogether. Hummels could leave on a free transfer next season but it appears Dortmund will be looking to avoid that as ESPN FC reports that he may sign new deal.

That would be good news for Dortmund, and German football. Bayern flies the flag regularly on the European stage but the continued rise of Tuchel’s side will improve the nation’s chance on that front. The Bundesliga has long been called a one-club league and Dortmund can, again, prove that is not the case.

Claiming a title within the next few seasons would prove as much and Dortmund can’t do that if they continue to lose their best players.

There are certainly situations where the pros or cons of a transfer can be weighed. A monumental transfer fee for a star that can allow for strengthening the entire squad is one such instance. Hummels’ potential transfer doesn’t fall under that category. There are few world-class defenders in their prime, and certainly few with similar skills as the German. Losing Hummels would be a bigger blow than losing Gundogan.

Dortmund are on the rise again, and certainly have the talent in the squad to replicate the successes of the mid 90’s and 2010 onwards. The managers and board need to tie up key talents to avoid potentially damaging losses and the players themselves must assess whether the grass really is greener. Gotze provides a decent example that the answer isn’t always yes.

Ending the season with a trophy would cap a generally successful first season for Tuchel. He will be hoping that he will have little to worry about in the transfer market beyond strengthening his squad.

Mats Hummels set to return to Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund – ESPN FC

Mats Hummels set to return to Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund – ESPN FC

I don’t get why this keeps happening to Borussia Dortmund. They need to do better in terms of handling contracts and/or release clauses or something, especially in relation to Bayern. Of all the other moves, Gotze and Lewandowski, Hummels is seemingly the most understandable because he’s going back to his hometown. What’s not understandable is his wanting to go back after his previous annoyance with Bayern after leaving and the fact that his team is very much capable of challenging them if he stayed. It’s not one of those cases where he won’t play, he definitely will but it’s still just weird.  If Dortmund can get Gotze back, for cheap or really free, that softens the blow a bit but they don’t need help in attack.

Thomas Tuchel: the brilliance of Klopp’s shape-shifting successor at Dortmund | Raphael Honigstein | Football | The Guardian

Thomas Tuchel: the brilliance of Klopp’s shape-shifting successor at Dortmund | Raphael Honigstein | Football | The Guardian

Can’t state enough how great it is to see Borussia Dortmund doing well in Thomas Tuchel’s first season. It’s exciting to think what they will be like next season.

Is Borussia Dortmund Better for Mario Gotze Than Liverpool? | Bleacher Report

Is Borussia Dortmund Better for Mario Gotze Than Liverpool? | Bleacher Report

Yes, Dortmund seems to have the better future currently but I think Gotze would be swayed by working with Jurgen Klopp again. Liverpool has some solid talent as well and given some time they can be a force again. It’s a tough decision either way if that’s what it comes to for Mario Gotze

Dortmund look lean and mean as they forget the last Bundesliga season | Football | The Guardian

Dortmund look lean and mean as they forget the last Bundesliga season | Football | The Guardian.

Dortmund have looked really good to start the season. Hopefully it continues. The author below makes a good point about forward options but they may just look the youth squad or maybe even surprise everyone and go with a false 9. They don’t seem too worried about that currently.

Why Up Front Is the Area Dortmund Need to Address Most in the Transfer Window | Bleacher Report.

Borussia Dortmund with work to do before Europa League start – ESPN FC

Borussia Dortmund with work to do before Europa League start – ESPN FC.

Looking forward to a bounce back season from Borussia Dortmund. Looks like the stars are staying this summer so that’s a good start. Getting everybody fit and back to form will make them a worrying proposition for opponents again.