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New Premier League TV Deal Provides Plenty of Talking Points

The new Premier League TV deal has brought about so much commentary in the last few days it’s almost annoying to talk about already. Rather than stretch it out and put out multiple posts about the issue, I’ve just gathered what I’ve read throughout the web.  They are all good reads but they all pretty much say the same thing anyways.

Which is that the new deal is good for the clubs, players and the Premier League and bad for everyone else.(Unless the clubs decide not to make it so)

If the Premier League and the clubs involved really want to make an impact then some of their billions, not millions, should go to grassroots efforts throughout the UK along with filtering down to the clubs in the Championship and so forth. Add on to that our previous post concerning the Premier League clubs not paying the living wage for the worker bees who run around on match day or keep things humming along on a day-to-day basis. Only one club, Chelsea, has committed to doing that and it’s disappointing that a club like Arsenal can consider allowing Arsene Wenger to give Abou Diaby a new deal when they can’t even pay minimum wage for the man/woman who cleans up his crap after a day of Deejaying(I mean rehab) in the club fitness room.

Then there’s the fans who may have to pay Sky Sports and BT Sports exorbitant prices just to watch the wonders of Sunderland etc in the comfort of their own home.

Guess we’ll see how it all pans out but here are the articles.

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Premier League TV rights grow to £5.1bn but case for redistribution strengthens

Sky and BT playing cat and mouse ahead of Premier League bids process | Owen Gibson | Football | The Guardian

Sky and BT playing cat and mouse ahead of Premier League bids process | Owen Gibson | Football | The Guardian.

Our first business piece in a while, or ever, but a good one for sure.

This is an intriguing look inside the money surrounding the Premier League when it comes to broadcasting. BT Sport has definitely come in trying to rain on Sky Sports’ parade, and it’s interesting to note that they are the only ones left willing to challenge Sky Sports.

The fact that figures close to the billions, in the case of Sky Sports, are being spent for 116 live games out of a total of 154, when there’s actually  380 Premier League games each season is astounding. I do hope it gets to a point where all 380 games are broadcasted but that’s unlikely as stated in the article.

We’ll try to look more into the business side of things, not just with the Premier League, moving forward.

Until next time.