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Barcelona star Lionel Messi manages to stay hidden despite his fame

Barcelona star Lionel Messi manages to stay hidden despite his fame

Excellent piece here on Lionel Messi. That bit about the photo shoot was interesting.

I don’t mind that he’s silent and simply wants to play football, though the author brings up a good point about the difference between him and some of his contemporaries. Does he have to be like Pele’s or Muhammad Ali’s? I don’t think so. Is it weird that all that will be left of Messi when he retires is his highlights? No. As the author states, Messi engages in philanthropy along with many of his peers and I don’t think he should be expected to do more because of his status.

ESPN FC writers on how they would change football – ESPN FC

ESPN FC writers on how they would change football – ESPN FC

Some interesting suggestions here.

Some are highly unlikely to happen, like making wages etc. public or lessening the amount of games.  Others, such as “safe standing,” and paying attention the Club World Cup are kind of meh suggestions. The suggestions about ending the Europa League, reformatting the Copa America and having 10 players are definitely ways to change football but not really good ones to put it nicely.

The two most interesting ones for me were the regional leagues and changing the international break. The idea of regional leagues may be further along than you think, as per the Guardian’s initial look here at a possible “Atlantic” league in Europe. If a European Super League is coming then why shouldn’t other clubs assess things. I don’t think it would happen nor do I necessarily want it to happen but it is interesting to think about.

The changes to the international break would be huge though, and hopefully well-received. Instead of the stop start beginning and end of seasons annoying the majority, I think most parties would be fine with two prolonged longer breaks with friendlies, qualifiers etc. One would think a lot of countries might benefit from the increased time together, I’m looking at you England.

FIFA presidential candidates profiled ahead of FIFA election – ESPN FC

FIFA presidential candidates profiled ahead of FIFA election – ESPN FC

Thought I had this up already. It’s finally getting to that time. Are any of these folks the right choice to lead FIFA forward? (I’m not a fan of an expanded World Cup by the way)

Is English football hurting the Premier League and putting players at risk? – ESPN FC

Premier League fixture congestion set to continue – ESPN FC

Ah. That age-old question again. As I tell the hard-nosed journalists on FM every time they ask me “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” It would be extremely weird to not have football around the holidays. There are some great points in this piece but there are other factors to consider when talking about the quality of the Premier League etc. The fixture list plays a part but it’s not a major reason.

They could probably do away with FA Cup replays though.