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Women Earn The Glory While Men Earn The Money In U.S. Soccer | FiveThirtyEight

Women Earn The Glory While Men Earn The Money In U.S. Soccer | FiveThirtyEight

Well. Let’s see how this turns out. Certainly a valid argument for the US Women’s team. They’ve been the money-maker and the better US team for quite some time. There is one interesting thing to note as one of the articles mentioned. The US women’s team club salaries are paid for by the US Soccer Federation, something that’s pretty much nonexistent elsewhere. That’s because the Federation runs the NWSL, the US Women’s league. Some could say that US Soccer might use that as leverage by lessening salaries or saying the ladies will have to get that straight from the clubs moving forward if they want more bonuses, per diems etc for national team play. It’s a bit sinister but possible. The Women could in turn leave the NWSL and play in Europe, which would certainly put the NWSL in danger due to losing their star power. That’s sinister from the too but eye for an eye right? That’s unlikely though as they want to improve the women’s game in the US not harm it. Interesting to hear from the players in that last article. We probably won’t hear about his for a while. Unless, say, the US Women win the Olympics, but you would think things will turn out in these ladies favour. Guess we’ll see.

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