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Roma and Monaco Fortunes Contrast in Nascent Title Chases | Bleacher Report

Roma and Monaco Fortunes Contrast in Nascent Title Chases | Bleacher Report

Good piece here. As the author said, sometimes it doesn’t pay to make judgements so early on but things look good for Roma. If they continue this way, through the entire season this time, then things will be different. I never expected Monaco to do much more than they did last season, surprise in Europe and trouble the big boys domestically. Those chances have dimmed with the departure of Martial after Kondogbia, Berbatov and Kurzawa left.

Do Valencia or Monaco Have the Most to Lose in the Jorge Mendes Derby? | Bleacher Report

Do Valencia or Monaco Have the Most to Lose in the Jorge Mendes Derby? | Bleacher Report.

Very interesting to see how Jorge Mendes is connected to both teams. He doesn’t have much to lose either way but I think he has more in store for Valencia at this stage given the new approach from Monaco. I think it will be a very tight tie but either one of these teams would be a great addition to the tournament.

Monaco’s promotion of youth could make them one of the teams to watch | Squawka News | Team Analysis

Monaco’s promotion of youth could make them one of the teams to watch | Squawka News | Team Analysis.

Definitely lots of young talent in this Monaco side, and very drastic turnaround from what we all thought was going to happen. Interested to see how they fare this season.

PSG and Monaco fly the Ligue 1 flag in the Champions League – ESPN FC

PSG and Monaco fly the Ligue 1 flag in the Champions League – ESPN FC.

Well, they’re not flying it so well now.

The answer to the question about seeing a French team in the final would’ve been no before the games and it’s definitely no now. Still good performances from these two sides and hopefully Ligue 1 will start to make an impact in Europe again on a regular basis. As my earlier post suggests, I want to see Marseille back in the Champions League next season. Hopefully that happens.

Monaco take the cut-price route and find themselves richly in profit | Football | The Guardian

Monaco take the cut-price route and find themselves richly in profit | Football | The Guardian.

Monaco was an interesting team to watch in the two legs against Arsenal. They probably won’t get past the next round but might make it tough for their opponents. Lot’s of young talent in this side.

Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger scarred for life by his war on Med with Monaco | Dominic Fifield | Football | The Guardian

Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger scarred for life by his war on Med with Monaco | Dominic Fifield | Football | The Guardian.

Interesting piece. Guess Arsene Wenger will have extra motivation for the Champions League tie then?

Thierry Henry Retires: Why He’ll Probably Always Be My Favorite Player(Thanks For All the Memories)

If for some mind-boggling reason you don’t already know, Thierry Henry retired today.

The day was then filled with a non-stop stream of, well-deserved, tributes to the former Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona, New York Red Bull and France legend. After my initial selfish response upon hearing the news(as I wouldn’t get to see my favorite player show some magic on the pitch anymore) and a long, important, personal day, I’ve decided to add my two cents.

It won’t be long, not because I don’t have a lot to say but probably because I have too much and I don’t want to ramble on. (Plus, I’m sure a lot of what I will say is said in some way in the many articles below)

No player, and I mean no player, could match the mixture of power, skill, passion, pace, intelligence and composure of Henry. (Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fans can stuff it, though, I respect both players greatly).

Who can forget that flick and volley versus Manchester United(my favorite goal of his, and maybe all-time), the steam-rolling run versus Real Madrid and the hat-trick against Liverpool?

One thing I keep asking myself when I consider watching Henry is this. Has he ever, ever scored a bad goal? Sure, there may have been “poacher” goals but that still requires positional sense and composure to finish. Has Henry every just bundled one in? I don’t think so.

His drive to win, which did lead to the unfortunate Ireland incident, was fun to watch as was high expectations for his teammates. His assists are an afterthought but he did have a few good ones. Quite simply, the man was a genius.(Now that I think about it, I probably subconsciously preferred my socks up high when I played in order to emulate the No. 14)

Mr. Va, Va, Voom is most well-known for his time at Arsenal, and that’s obviously where I latched unto him but he’s proven elsewhere that he’s well worth all the praise. Sure, there was petulance and a somewhat overbearing nature(at least for some, I was fond of it) but one cannot deny that he didn’t deserve to win everything he won internationally and in the club game.

So, look below if you want to be nostalgic and read about all facets of the legend’s career. I know I will. Youtube videos, and that “Legend” documentary will be replayed again and again this weekend.


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Hopefully, we’ll be back on track with more regular postings soon. Still getting adjusted to this new schedule. Thanks for all memories Thierry Henry.

Until next time.

Monaco vice-president vows to stick to ‘re-sized’ transfer policy – ESPN FC

Monaco vice-president vows to stick to ‘re-sized’ transfer policy – ESPN FC.

Good for Monaco. I’m sure they’ll splash the cash a couple more times during this project. If Paris Saint-Germain continues to dominate, Marseille’s pushing them so far this season, that may prompt more movement from Monaco’s owner.

Just one league left

I meant to post this yesterday but a serious binge of Football Manager got in the way. Needless to say, I think I’ve made a breakthrough on my Arsenal save.

More on that later.

With results in La Liga going the way they did this weekend, and the Premier League ending on Sunday, we only have one major European league remaining to unveil a winner.

Barcelona will host Atletico Madrid in what should be a thrilling encounter(how many times have we seen that phrase when talking about big matches) and, thankfully, that means La Liga will also give football fans some dramatic last round action.


The Catalan side needs a win to regain their hold on La Liga while Atletico could do with a draw to cap off a wonderful season. While I’m happy to see some competitiveness creep back into the Spanish game, I have an affinity for Barcelona. So Atletico will just have to make do with the Champions League win a few days later. Yup, I said it.

While Spanish football has done itself a great favour thanks to that impending fixture, the other major leagues were a bit of a wash from the start. PSG and Juventus were obvious favourites in France and Italy respectively, though nouveau riche Monaco did put up a respectable fight in France given the circumstances.

Things were no different in Germany, where Bayern Munich seems to have regained its omnipotence in Bavaria, and Germany as a whole, with a record-breaking trot to the Bundesliga title. The Bundesliga winners effectively took Borussia Dortmund, their main title rivals, out of the game from the off-season, snatching away one star, Mario Gotze, and ultimately distracting the team mentally with their interest in another star, Robert Lewandowski.

Yes, Lewandowski scored 28 goals in 46 games according to WhoScored and showed some great professionalism as a result but the rest of his teammates had to have felt some way about his upcoming move and the miss of Gotze. That and injuries helped dull Dortmund’s potency this season.

And of course, there’s lovely old England. Where Mancunian dominance exists in the Premier League era with a spattering of London here and there. Liverpool(the one team I wouldn’t have minded to win the league besides Arsenal) had to rely on West Ham to get a result on Sunday, so the result was expected. Manchester City picked up the title, leading to this celebration  from the owners.

In other news, the two FA Cup finalists, Arsenal and Hull City, continued their respective runs of form to end the season. Arsenal made it five wins in the last five while Hull City picked up its fourth loss in as many games, including a loss to Arsenal. At Home.

Good news, right?

Unfortunately, I suspect, and maybe its the cynicism caused by eight years without silverware talking here, that those Tigers decided to just toss all those games and lull my silverware-starving Gunners into a false sense of security. Then May 17 will come around and the mauling begins. Except Hull will do it with a highly defensive strategy and one lightning quick pounce to make sure Arsene Wenger stays around for 50 more years to rectify the situation.

Just my opinion.

Until next time. Maybe we’ll take a look at Arsenal’s FA Cup finals in the Premier League era, probably.