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PSG risk becoming a sock-puppet super-club with no one to conquer | Barney Ronay | Football | The Guardian

PSG risk becoming a sock-puppet super-club with no one to conquer | Barney Ronay | Football | The Guardian

With their dominance of French football expected to continue, it really is all or nothing in the Champions League for PSG. This tie against City has presented their best chance for the past few seasons. I think it’s a bit harsh to say they have no other important games until the next Champions League campaign begins. They do have the French Cup and the French league Cup.


PSG v Manchester City emblematic of how Gulf rivals are fuelling football | David Conn | Football | The Guardian

PSG v Manchester City emblematic of how Gulf rivals are fuelling football | David Conn | Football | The Guardian

Really great read here. Which one of these teams will join the European elite first? I guess one could say whoever got to the semifinals after this tie. PSG has the edge given their utter domination of French football along with steady improvements in Europe.

Even Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid and Man City are disposed to rely on a premium individual – ESPN FC

Even Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid and Man City are disposed to rely on a premium individual – ESPN FC.

You mean kinda like Arsenal relies on Alexis Sanchez?

Arsenal fans know about that all too well lately. The whole relying on a premium individual thing. Too bad that’s probably still not going to take us to any silverware this season. All those teams have a better chance.

Still, it’s nice to know we aren’t alone. I think Real Madrid could be taken off this list though. They’d still be fine without Ronaldo. Not as devastating but fine. And that’s not a knock on the Portuguese attacker but on the other teams really. That’s just my thinking though.

How Chelsea are gaming the system better than anyone – and why they’ll keep winning | FourFourTwo

How Chelsea are gaming the system better than anyone – and why they’ll keep winning | FourFourTwo.

A bit late with this one but a good read nonetheless.

A very interesting look at Chelsea’s decisions during the Financial Fair Play era. It was surprising that the London club wasn’t one of those fined for failing to meet the regulations for FFP. The cases presented, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne, are definitely good examples of the club “flipping players” as the author, Rory Smith, states.

When you consider talents like Wallace, Tomas Kalas, Thorgan Hazard, Lucas Piazon and others who are currently on-loan from Chelsea you can see the game-plan. If they don’t make it at Chelsea they can certainly be sold on.

If you think about it though, Arsenal has, inadvertently, been the top dog in this kind of movement in the transfer market in recent seasons. Just saying. Considering the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure etc. who Arsene Wenger most likely didn’t plan to sell but got the same type of profit Chelsea are getting then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Still, the author is certainly mostly concerned with the suddenly rich clubs like Chelsea, PSG and Manchester City as they are the most likely to be affected by FFP.

Manchester City and PSG obviously didn’t care as they were among those fined, and it doesn’t seem as if they have a similar game-plan to Chelsea’s. City has planned to invest in youth but we’ll see how that works.

Still, the piece definitely gives food for though about how those clubs will handle FFP. Prices in the transfer market have become increasingly absurd, and it just may be that other clubs will have figure out similar plans to stay within the regulations.

What Should Brandao’s Fate Be?

The aftermath of PSG’s recent 2-0 victory of Bastia brought some pretty interesting activity. Bastia forward, Brandao, once a Marseille player, head-butted PSG’s Thiago Motta in the tunnel after the game.

The response in some areas, led by PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, is for the Brazilian attacker to be banned for life. Some are also looking at Luis Suarez’s recent suspension and wondering how any punishment, and there’s no doubt that there will be, will stack up.

The Suarez situation shouldn’t come into play as far as this issue is concerned. Suarez performed his act of aggression in three different countries, in three different competitions and on two different continents. He obviously didn’t learn his lesson, and his punishment was deserved.

Brandao took things to another level with an obviously premeditated act that occurred well after the result was over. Suarez’s actions were borderline premeditated/reaction to a situation.

What happened to Brandao during the match that could have caused such a reaction? There have been no reports so far of any ill-mannered activity towards the Bastia forward.

The question is, what should happen to Brandao?

The latest updates surrounding the situation, courtesy of Tim Daniels from Bleacher Report, show that Bastia is looking to terminate Brandao’s contract. That’s a good start.

One would think that Ligue 1 may even chime in at some point with punishment of their own. Whatever the case, it may be fair to say that Brandao’s future in European football may be over. He’s 34 years old and has provided many clubs with a valid reason to avoid signing him beyond just his football skills.

We’ll see what happens.

Just one league left

I meant to post this yesterday but a serious binge of Football Manager got in the way. Needless to say, I think I’ve made a breakthrough on my Arsenal save.

More on that later.

With results in La Liga going the way they did this weekend, and the Premier League ending on Sunday, we only have one major European league remaining to unveil a winner.

Barcelona will host Atletico Madrid in what should be a thrilling encounter(how many times have we seen that phrase when talking about big matches) and, thankfully, that means La Liga will also give football fans some dramatic last round action.


The Catalan side needs a win to regain their hold on La Liga while Atletico could do with a draw to cap off a wonderful season. While I’m happy to see some competitiveness creep back into the Spanish game, I have an affinity for Barcelona. So Atletico will just have to make do with the Champions League win a few days later. Yup, I said it.

While Spanish football has done itself a great favour thanks to that impending fixture, the other major leagues were a bit of a wash from the start. PSG and Juventus were obvious favourites in France and Italy respectively, though nouveau riche Monaco did put up a respectable fight in France given the circumstances.

Things were no different in Germany, where Bayern Munich seems to have regained its omnipotence in Bavaria, and Germany as a whole, with a record-breaking trot to the Bundesliga title. The Bundesliga winners effectively took Borussia Dortmund, their main title rivals, out of the game from the off-season, snatching away one star, Mario Gotze, and ultimately distracting the team mentally with their interest in another star, Robert Lewandowski.

Yes, Lewandowski scored 28 goals in 46 games according to WhoScored and showed some great professionalism as a result but the rest of his teammates had to have felt some way about his upcoming move and the miss of Gotze. That and injuries helped dull Dortmund’s potency this season.

And of course, there’s lovely old England. Where Mancunian dominance exists in the Premier League era with a spattering of London here and there. Liverpool(the one team I wouldn’t have minded to win the league besides Arsenal) had to rely on West Ham to get a result on Sunday, so the result was expected. Manchester City picked up the title, leading to this celebration  from the owners.

In other news, the two FA Cup finalists, Arsenal and Hull City, continued their respective runs of form to end the season. Arsenal made it five wins in the last five while Hull City picked up its fourth loss in as many games, including a loss to Arsenal. At Home.

Good news, right?

Unfortunately, I suspect, and maybe its the cynicism caused by eight years without silverware talking here, that those Tigers decided to just toss all those games and lull my silverware-starving Gunners into a false sense of security. Then May 17 will come around and the mauling begins. Except Hull will do it with a highly defensive strategy and one lightning quick pounce to make sure Arsene Wenger stays around for 50 more years to rectify the situation.

Just my opinion.

Until next time. Maybe we’ll take a look at Arsenal’s FA Cup finals in the Premier League era, probably.