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Jose Mourinho has big task at Manchester United to turn club around – ESPN FC

Jose Mourinho has big task at Manchester United to turn club around – ESPN FC

Such excitement. I’m sure everyone’s curious to see how Jose Mourinho does with another big team in the EPL. Seems like managers are either moving up from smaller clubs to bigger ones but I can’t recall many moves from one big club to another. Probably just short-term memory. That last article’s pretty funny and I could see Jose’s time at United playing out as such. Only a whole summer to wait. Should be fun.

José Mourinho is seen as a route to title but 128 years of history are against him

Jose Mourinho’s relief at finally getting a chance with Manchester United

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United tenure: As it will surely unfold

Q&A: FIFA president Gianni Infantino | SI.com

Q&A: FIFA president Gianni Infantino | SI.com

Very good interview. Can’t say I’m unhappy or too cynical about anything Infantino said. Hopefully it is all backed up with action. The article below highlights one really big topic that wasn’t addressed that will need to be soon enough. We’re six years away from 2022 and that’s ample time for pressure to grow against that ever happening in Qatar. We shall see what Infantino does about that.

Fifa faces ‘tough decision’ over Qatar World Cup if human rights abuses continue


David de Gea transfer: What went wrong, who’s to blame – Planet Futbol – SI.com

David de Gea transfer: What went wrong, who’s to blame – Planet Futbol – SI.com

Hands up who thought the David De Gea saga, and eventual outcome, was ridiculous. Thought so. Here’s a couple interesting pieces on the situation and info on how things went down. I think De Gea will play again for United this season but it will certainly be his last.

Real Madrid have measure of Man United despite De Gea confusion

Real Madrid get better of De Gea saga; Barca goalies also under pressure

Manchester United and Real Madrid both lose in David De Gea debacle

David de Gea has little choice but to clear his head and knuckle down

Weekly Arsenal Chatter

Big game tomorrow. Hosting Chelsea. I feel like I’ve gotten quieter as Arsenal’s good run has continued but it’s not because they’ve shut me up.

Really haven’t had a chance to watch those last few games, minus the FA Cup against Reading, and the Chelsea game may have to go on record tomorrow as well. Hopefully not. Still not convinced by this squad so even if a small part of me inside is jumping for joy at the second place and FA Cup final berth the cynicism still remains. I’m probably just one a few remaining though.

Still, here’s some good old Arsenal chatter for the past week.

The Changes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Must Make to Become an Arsenal Star

Only one change really mentioned but yes it makes sense. Even if he does make the move back to midfield in a box-to-box type style then he’ll still need to improve his productivity. Seems like that will come though.

Why Naming Wojciech Szczesny for the FA Cup Final Would Be a Risk for Arsenal

I mean, sure, if we want to force him out of the club for good. A solid keeper for the most part if he cuts out his mistakes. For all we know David Ospina could put in a clanger in the final so there’s really no telling if it would be a risk or not.

Why Wenger should cut his losses with Kieran Gibbs

We know Arsene Wenger doesn’t get rid of players so easy. Just ask Abou Diaby. This competition should help spur Kieran Gibbs on. Should. If it doesn’t then its fine moving on to an improvement.

Arsène Wenger, the Martyr of Islington

A very interesting piece.

Why There Is Still a Place for Mikel Arteta at Arsenal Despite Injury Concerns

Makes sense and some good points. Feels like a typical Arsene Wenger move that would possibly lead to no recruitment in the summer in an area that’s still weak. Wouldn’t mind if Mikel Arteta stayed though.

Lucky, lucky Arsene? Not a chance – and here’s why his recent success is no fluke

There is some element of luck. Who could’ve known Francis Coquelin would impact as he did? The player selections and the tactical tweaks are his though for sure.

What now for Theo Walcott? Nine years at Arsenal and still not a certain starter

Seems more and more like an exit is on the cards. Maybe the time is right.

Danny Welbeck missed his chance to displace Olivier Giroud

True. So disappointing as well. I was hoping he could find the goals that were missing at Manchester United but all we’ve got so far is hard work and another pacey option. He wasn’t necessary to begin with and now it’s obvious the money should’ve been used elsewhere. Maybe next season things could change?


Is Arsene Wenger Ready to Beat Jose Mourinho, 13 Attempts Later?

Simple answer? No one knows. Also it’s Arsenal versus Chelsea.

Are Arsenal Now Winning Simply Because They Are Under No Pressure?

Very good piece. Me being me I’d have to go with the no-pressure argument of course. Wouldn’t you agree?

Arsenal vs. Chelsea not as much about standings as it is making a statement

I just want a win. I really do. Have a some family I’d like to badger for the next couple months.

5 Reasons Arsenal Fans Will Jeer Cesc Fabregas on Emirates Return with Chelsea

Good ol’ dumb tribalism is what it will be. No reason for it. If Cesc Fabregas has the sort of mentality I expect then it will only make him play better. None of those reasons make sense, except the kissing the badge deal I guess. That would annoy me a bit. I don’t see why he would’ve pushed for a Chelsea move until he knew for sure both Barcelona and Arsenal didn’t want him. But we’ll never know for sure will we?

Arsenal can lay down a marker for next season with Chelsea win

Yup. A win would go a long way psychologically. A loss? Well. Let’s just leave that out.