Arsene Wenger: The Most Talked About Manager in Football

Wouldn’t you agree?
Arsene Wenger may even be the most talked about man in football. Who else can say they are the subject of weekly, or probably even daily, podcasts, articles, blogs, talkshows, news, rumours etc, and has been for the past however many years? Only Wenger.

I still don’t think I’ve fully joined the Wenger Out brigade, yet.

I know, it’s baffling but this is the man who molded Thierry Henry into the player he was, brought in Patrick Vieira, elongated the careers of Tony Adams and Lee Dixon, cultivated the Cesc Fabregas who I now can’t bare to see in blue and bought Alexis Sanchez.(Though maybe he was tied to his armchair while Steve Bould made the call, who knows.)
Notice a trend?

All of those players, minus one, are from the early part of Wenger’s reign,(Fabregas was the last one in but made his debut in the Invincibles season) and I just use them as examples. I would go in further detail over who I prefer here and there and why but that’s not the point.

Wenger did, and I repeat, did, great things. There really doesn’t seem to be anymore left. Which brings us to some more analysis on the man.


Arsène Wenger: why didn’t Arsenal’s manager go out on FA Cup high?

Well, the answer is in the question really. He succeeded. He was revitalized. He had finally brought silverware to the Emirates, and all it took was a come from behind victory against Hull City in extra-time. A win was inevitably going to lead to a new contract. The result of the FA Cup probably didn’t have a big effect on a board that probably had their mind made up. A loss may have resulted in them dallying a bit, while Wenger himself took some time to consider things, but ultimately the two would’ve reached an agreement.

A win made it that much easier to have the papers ready straight from the printer for Wenger to sign. While Sir Alex Ferguson decided to bow out on a win, Wenger felt, stubbornly, he had more to give. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Not at all.


Arsenal will remain in limbo until Arsene Wenger leaves

Some great points here and I don’t think there’s much more to add. The last sentence is true. It is just sad to see Arsene Wenger ultimately dragging Arsenal down. He would have to do something magical to repair his reputation at this point, and that shouldn’t mean he stays on. If he gets another trophy within these next three years, and yes I said if, he should leave then.

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